What a great way to display your service!

Ribbon stickers originated from the Vietnam veterans proudly displaying the standard four ribbons. With the Defence Force recently becoming more active in operations since the 1990’s into today’s campaigns, service ribbon stickers have been desired however not widely made available by medal mounters or associations. Coming back from deployment in Afghanistan I sorted to get a set of personalised ribbon stickers however I could not find a good quality supplier, let alone a single service that offered them. It was this frustration that led to the start of Spadix Stickers & Design.  Personalised stickers are available on proof of service and awards no different from your local medal mounter. Whether it be one award, or as many awards the standard personalised ribbon sticker can be customised to also display badges and wording applicable to your time in service. All designs are set out to defence and Honours and Awards standards. The slide reel give some basic examples of designs we have done previously. Earned, not issued. Why lock away our service?  Our awards should be celebrated, not packed away like a book on the shelf. 


Personalised ribbon stickers explained.

The standard personalised ribbon sticker is 16cm x 6cm. Custom requests will have their variable pricing, i.e. design from scratch work, and size request/measurement request.

The stock we use is premium white self adhesive vinyl with a minimum 5 year uv protection. It is excellent robust premium quality sticker stock, used for various outdoor purposes, favoured by various industries for its outstanding quality.

We do custom size orders on request however prices may vary due to size
(for mailing package pricing costs) or the type of design request. 

Mail out process is conducted each Monday and Tuesday of each week from Brisbane. Handling including shipping can be up to 14 days in process.


* No minimum order.

* Pricing including GST and Delivery.

* Adding badges and wording is standard! 

* Clear stock is not recommended for personalised stickers, white & metallic colours as an ink choice are not available.


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