Dorothy Moore celebrates historic 52 years with Muswellbrook RSL Women’s Bowling Club

SPORTING careers usually don’t last too long, 15 years for footballers, 20 for soccer players and maybe 30 for golfers.

But, Muswellbrook’s Dorothy Moore has put all of that to shame after celebrating an incredible 52 of bowls.

An absolute stalwart of the Muswellbrook RSL Women’s Bowling Club, she has committed herself to the team for more than five decades and has now made history, as the longest playing member in its existence.

They celebrated with a lunch at the Commercial Hotel in Aberdeen this month – and the veteran spoke about why she joined the sport and what’s kept her around for so long.

“It was a little bush town I was in and they wanted numbers, so I joined up, that was even before I had my first child… where I come from it was just a social sort of thing,” she said.

While there have been some exhilarating achievements on the greens throughout a long period of time, the 85-year-old revealed what the real highlights had been from her perspective.


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